Social Responsibility:

Parmarth Seva Samiti, as a responsible social organization always carried out their social responsibilities and is ever ready to serve the society.

Marriage of destitute girls:

Committee annually held marriages of destitute girls with full respect and affection. 12 Adiwasi couple fixed to tie knot at Radhashtami festival. 6 couple were got married at Vrindavan while celebrating Hanuman Jayanti Mahotsav

Disaster relief:

Parmarth Seva Samiti has always carried out disaster relief work in the affected areas of the country. Flood of Bihar in 2010, or deluge flood in Kedarnath, Uttarakhand in 2013, or flood in Jammu Kashmir in 2014 Samiti has always sent their relief supplies and tried to help the disaster affected people as per its capacity.

Donation of food and food grains:

Food is the basic necessity of the human life. Economic inequality in our society so prevalent that still thousands of people cannot summon two meals. Child mortality due to malnourishment is on the rise in India. Keeping all this in mind, the committee has started a charity Kitchen scheme (Annakshetra). Parmarth Seva Samiti had setup a permanent facility to distribute free food material to the needy people at Ghatkopar. So far thousands of families have been benefited with this scheme.

Vada-pav distribution on the Ganesh immersion day:

Parmarth Seva Samiti distributes free Vadapaav, other food items, cold drinks, water and tea in several places of Mumbai and Thane to Ganesh devotees on Ganesh immersion day every year.

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