From the desk of the Chairman:

The birth of Parmarth Seva Samiti happened only for the soul purpose of seva to the mankind. We have been doing various activities for helping the society in Mumbai. We have undertaken many activities. On 15th October, 2021 we started a residential facility for 64 patient and their relatives who come to Tata Capital Memorial Centre, Parel in Mumbai for treatment. At this facility we recharge rupees 150 per day per person and fooding is completely free. It is named as Smt Rupali Devi Madanlal nuwal seva Sadan. It is a 10 minute walk from Tata Memorial Centre at Parel. As a second phase of this project we have launched Parmarthi project at Tata Memorial Centre. Parmarthi is basically an employee of permarth seva samiti who stand in Tata Memorial Centre from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day from Monday to Friday to help people who come from outside, these are poor people, illiterate people and they need helping hand, though Tata Memorial Centre has a kewat facility for such people it is not adequate hence we have launched our project Parmarth were in our Parmarthi will fill up the forms, get the patient registered, get the proper appointment according to the report the patient has brought etc. and after diagnosis if the patient and his relative needs to stay in Mumbai they can come and stay at our centre. So this is the second phase of our project which we have just launched and we are sure that it will help immensely to all the patients who come from out of Mumbai.

Thirdly we are also in the process of buying ambulance for transportation of patient from our shelter home to Tata Memorial Centre and back. That will help the patient to communicate as many as, every time this is required without paying any charges. we are also developing one app which will help the patients wherever he is in India to upload his reports and get a solution for his problem and then if we must come to Mumbai at Tata Memorial then the doctor will advise him to reach here on the proper date so that he is not wasting his time coming early or late. So this is going to be a very big project for us which we are developing and in the times to come this app will help from all over the world to come to Tata Memorial and take the treatment at minimum of cost and time.

As per the annual report of 2015, Reserve Bank of India 25.70% rural and 13.70% urban population of India is living under below poverty line. Combined average of poverty in india is 21.92%. We as a responsible citizen of India, are always there to help our poor countrymen. We have arranged several time free food grains and other essential livelihood to such needy people.

These are our Initiative for cancer treatment at Tata Memorial Centre.

Friends we also have started one Arogya Chikitsalay at Mahesh Nagar in Goregaon West in Mumbai. This clinic help the poor and needy to identify their disease and get the medicines at free of cost. This clinic is visited by some of the best doctors in Mumbai suburbs of that particular problem so we have 15 doctors who come here and see the patients at nil charges. We charge only Rs. 50 for registration. This was developed in association with Rameshwaridevi Shankarlal Hurkat Charity Trust and it has been running for last 2 years. It was a pilot project become very successful and now we are developing 4 different chikitsalayas One at Bhyander, Thane, Wadala & forth at Kaldbaevi we request you to get associated with us and donate for the great cause of cancer treatment. In case you want to donate you can donate any amount of money from the donation button given on this website.

May Lord Krishna and Radha be kind upon us to serve our society.


Laxminarayanji Biyani


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