From ancient times mankind has served the Gomata and made his life happy, rich, healthy and prosperous. Scriptures are replete with the importance of Gau Seva. Men can earn all the virtues by serving the cow. Committee has so far donated Rs.50 Lac to different Gaushalas. In Pathmeda where all regular service is done to 2 Lac Gaumatas regularly, committee has formulated a "Ek aay ek Gaay" plan under which, on auspicious occasion of your life like birthday, wedding ceremony you can adopt the cost of feeding a cow for a year and earn the blessings of Gaumata.

This year Parmarth Seva Samiti is playing key role in Gokripa Mahotsav going to be happen from 8 april to 16 april 2016 arranged by Pathmeda Godham Pariwar at Pathmeda, Rajsthan

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